DFW Driving Training School simplifies the process of learning to drive. Adult driving lessons are available to persons of all countries and ages. It is never too late to begin and learn something new.

The legal age to get behind the wheel and start learning to drive is 17, however research from a survey of 1,500 participants in 2016 shows that the average age to start driving is now 26.

According to DMV guidelines, a new drive requires a minimum of 45 hours of driving lessons with a licensed and certified driving instructor, and 20 hours of driving with friends or family. That means you need between 45 and 75 hours of vehicle training before you’re ready for your test.

The Teen Driver Education Courses are for teens, ages 15-17 years old, who want to get their driver’s permit and license. The Teen Driving Basic Course is designed to teach the important foundations of safe driving.

According to DPS, if you are under 18 years old, you must take a driver education class and submit your DE-964 at the DMV. You can begin the classroom phase at 14 years old, but you can’t apply for your learner’s license until you’re at least 15.

The Texas driver education course syllabus includes 32 hours of theory instruction in a classroom setting; 7 hours of on-the-road training under the supervision of a licensed instructor; 7 hours of observation activities in the car; and 30* hours* of off-the-road practice with a licensed adult.

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Adults and Teen Classes Online Package Price

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  •    Teens 32 hours


    Online Courses

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Adult and Teen Driving Lessons Timing

Class # Time Days of Week Notes
Adult Permit Class 10.00 AM Sunday , Monday & Tuesday Own Car
Adult Permit Class 12.00 AM Sunday , Monday & Tuesday Own Car
Adult Permit Class 16.00 AM Sunday , Monday & Tuesday Own Car
Adult Permit Class 15.00 AM Sunday , Monday & Tuesday Own Car