The Texas Department of Public safety requires you to present proof of successful completion of the driver education course. However, you must still take a driving skills examination test at the DPS. This is required for all drivers seeking a Texas license.

Before applying for a Texas Driver's License, students need to complete 44 hours of behind-the-wheel (BTW) training (in addition to the 32 hours of required classroom training) under the observation of a qualified parent, legal guardian or instructor.

You Will Need to Take a Driver Education Course. All persons under 25 years old must take a driver education course to get a Texas driver's license.

Approved courses include 32-hours of classroom time, however you can apply for your learner's permit after just 6 hours into your classroom instruction time. From there you're able to begin your supervised driving and instruction.

That said, most sources agree that 35-50 hours of driving lessons is better. The average amount of driving lessons should be 40-45 hours before taking your driving test. Some people decide that 20-30 hours or maybe even less is enough – but remember that the more lessons you take, the better you will become at driving.

Passing the Texas driving test can be nerve-wracking, but the road to obtaining a driver's license is a marker of freedom and independence for many. However, completing the driving test is not as difficult as it seems – as long as you have the right knowledge beforehand.

Summary. Generally, learning to drive takes around 45 hours of professional lessons and 20 hours of practice. That could be spread out over three or four months. It depends on the person's ability to perceive information and other personal characteristics.